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More about MySpyLogger

SpyLogger was created as a result of a large demand on child protection while using the Internet, detection of an attempt of deception in companies or proving betrayal of a husband/wife. It provides the opportunity to monitor activities of a computer user.

SpyLogger® is the most modern device in its type. It is the follower of SpyLog, SpyProf and ProfiSpy.

SpyLogger® is the professional device, which enables you to monitor the way how a computer is used. It allows discreet observation of a user working on a computer. It combines the advantages of a hardware and software keylogger.

Installation and configuration is quick and easy.
The only thing that is needed is access to a computer, which you want to monitor, for 10 – 30 seconds. In contrast to competitive products, SpyLogger doesn’t have to be permanently connected to a computer in order to work properly!

While designing this device we particularly focused on a comfort and ease of usage which at the same time don’t limit its functionality, full discretion and safety.

PLUS – new version of SpyLogger.

From now on, in our store you can find new versions of SpyLogger with built- in audio eavesdropping.

Those versions are marked with PLUS and cost the same as old versions of SpyLogger.
New software enables you to record sounds around a computer and all conversations held through online communicators like Skype.

Thanks to Mail Plus version those recordings will be delivered to your email address.